Let’s talk about things that not every artist wants to talk about

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

To be an artist is not necessarily just to know how to paint, today in 2021 to be an artist is also to know how to manage yourself online, on social networks, even if you do not make a living from it you need to know that inside you are an artist, in the mind.

That's respectfully. I believe all artists know what I'm talking about. A true artist is an artist who paints from the heart. Not from the fear of rejection . In some cases all your life people will tell you how amazing you paint , but when an artist wants to make a living from his art, what's the right way to do it?

So if you have a fear of technology, do not be afraid, it may be scary at first but let it flow. It is always important to learn new things. And if you want to make a living and really be an artist who also sells his paintings, my answer is to believe in yourself. Get out of your comfort zone, you will learn the way to market yourself, it will not prevent your art from being pure vanity. Stay you, but grow if creativity, so does your creativity in the technological way. The most important thing is that you continue what you love to do and you have to be prepared for it to take time.

I do this very thing too, I was terribly afraid of throwing myself and devoting myself to my art 100 percent, but today I realized I must do it. Ultimately a happy artist is an artist who has a place to create. Think about the fact that for a year you can not paint because you are studying for some poor degree, which does not interest you at all. Yours for this thing, because only then will it succeed.

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