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How to create realistic fur of lion with acrylic paints?

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Lion paiting - all the best answers and tips for painting fur can be found here

just belive yourself

just belive yourself

I have always liked to paint in acrylic, because the paint dries quickly, it is an advantage in painting layers. It should be remembered that even if it is a hair color, which is a realistic painting, layers of color should be used.

Always keep a glass of water close to you,

If you mix paints, it is recommended to mix with a fine spatula so as not to ruin the brush hairs, also work relatively quickly when the acrylic paint dries, you can always spray or dilute with a little water and thus "revive" if you can not work fast and diluting the water harms the shade or color quality Work with acrylic drying material, a material that will delay the drying of the paint.

Important Tip

Make sure that the work surface on which you are painting is free of any dirt, dust, wax or paint residue, all of which can affect the quality of the paint as well as the damage to the brush.

Do not hesitate to paint layer upon layer, mix and create new colors, this is the great acrylic paints.

Using brushes

I usually look at the hair of the brush, there are all kinds of brushes it's really a matter of what is comfortable for you to create a line, for me it varies but always check if what is comfortable for you and with what brush you manage to create a clean and smooth line.

Motion and 3D

In the video I uploaded, if you notice, there are parts where each hair goes in a different direction and thus a three-dimensional is created

And a little secret, the star that stars in my paintings

If you mix water with a little paint you will create a thin hue and water, for your painting, what it is supposed to create is like a mask on top of the hairs I have already painted, and it will give an extra sense of depth.

Glad to share with you my knowledge and experience .



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