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How to draw better?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Not everyone is born with a brush in hand, not everyone knows how to paint, so how to be more good?

There are people who paint in all sorts of styles or it is just intuitive and aesthetic for them. Maybe quite a few people who feel not so good at painting. Although if it is really important for you to draw more realistically and that the talent in this field is important, with learning a number of techniques and applying different tips and methods, can certainly succeed in painting at a much better level than we are used to. So here is a guide for the beginners who want to improve their drawing skills .

Before we even start painting, you should know how to use colours .

All the colors we know are made up of three primary colors which are red, blue and yellow, and some addition of black or white, which are made into real colors, but are used for lightness and darkness. First of all, it is worth knowing the table of the original colors so that we can reach them from these basic colors:

Yellow + blue = green.

Red + blue = purple.

Yellow + red = orange.

Yellow + red + blue = brown.

Of course each of the different colors sharing with white, will give us a color similar to it but lighter. For example, red with white will give us a color pink, blue and white will give azure, etc. Any color that mixes with black will give us a darker color similar to it.

We must know exactly how to mix colors in a basic way to get any color we want.

In creating an outline

Create the initial contours of the painting before we paint it, we do not have this option of copying the colors because the drawing is done without colors. In order to create the illusion of different colors in order to try to put reality into our sheet of paper, you should try to convert the color differences into flaws.

The idea of ​​converting colors to flaws is probably done automatically with us. But if we pay more attention to the conversion path and do it in a controlled way, we will be able to achieve better and more accurate results. The way we can consciously do conversion is to look for significant differences in lightness and darkness and put a line between them. The greater the differences in lightness and darkness, the more prominent our line will be. Could not make it lighter or darker and it would actually hint at a more extreme and noticeable difference.

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