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"Art is something the whole world needs"


Modern painter, in-depth study of painting romance, love of anatomy and nature, surrealism, creation with a raw and romantic expression, provocativeness of a dramatic European style that captures every viewer. Human nature and the world itself

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Where do I find my creativity?

I have always been so naturally drawn to painting, it mesmerized me in the process of creating and satisfying something in this world, it is such a magical process that brings with it yourself and what you want and love, it is like gifts but they are a part of you. I have been very interested for years in medieval and renaissance art, and the baroque has this figurative style, something so delicate and mesmerizing, I can even call it divine art, because if you travel around the churches and the engineering buildings of history you will discover this divinity, philosophical and spiritual people in honest experiments. This divinity there is no doubt that it is part of the culture it is so valued by me I want this very thing that you look at and you feel how powerful it is

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