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Nice to meet you

My name is Raz Negev, 27 years old, born in Israel, I have been painting since I can remember. My inspiration comes from interesting anatomy and questions about the human psyche. Most paintings are acrylic.

​I learned and spent a lot of time and for years being self-taught the ancient searches, by looking deeply at powerful  paintings groups and art sites, the most special features and its attitude and what they convey to the level of feeling. The connection between colors and emotions is very close, the characteristics of different people and the connection to specialize in acrylic colors. pocuse on professional  techniques and to invented my chances to describe a symphony of color results of emotions. I like to dive into my culture. It can get me into a relationship with the world and with others. I think this is why when a person looks at one of my paintings, he finds himself and is overcome by a series of emotions that leads to great emotion. I am interested and intrigued by the feelings I convey not people watching my works. People describe completely different feelings what I can find and succeed in it nothing. It makes me understand
That painting has abilities to appreciate different emotions especially to the person looking at them.

Using the beautiful language of my art, I want to bring up the important issues in our world.
Thank you so much for being here
Raz Negev

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